OPV 2020

The OPV 2020 is a novel shipbuilding concept based on tried and tested technologies commercially available off the shelf. Designed as the successor of Fassmer’s highly reputed OPV 80, the OPV 2020 concept is an innovative patrol vessel with a design flexibility to match a wide range of possible threats and missions.

The OPV 2020 is powered by an all-electrical/LNG propulsion plant for maximum operational flexibility – fuel efficient and with minimal NOX and CO2 emissions, in line with forthcoming environmental regulations. The vessel can operate in a dual-fuel mode, generating extremely low emissions while running on LNG, or allowing operation in remote areas using DMFO. Furthermore, its mission performance is enhanced by a platform capable of handling up to nine comprehensively integrated mission modules, complete with connections to the vessel’s administrative and mission networks.

Technical Data (PDF)