Research and development

Unlike many of its competitors, Fassmer is dedicated to strong in-house expertise. Expert knowledge is developed internally and is held in the company instead of outsourcing it or buying it from subcontractors, as is often the case. This is a significant factor of Fassmer’s quality control. The individual departments – including fibre composite technologies – profit from mutual synergies. Whether machines, research, product development or construction: Fassmer’s special expertise is based on its own experts.

In order to achieve the very best results, Fassmer believes in an excellent cooperation with its customers. This is what enables Fassmer to develop both technically innovative and individually tailored solutions. An example for consistent development in the area of wind energy is the improvement of fire behaviour of the materials used, up to the point of incombustibility. Fassmer has developed structures that meet the highest international standards.

Fassmer continues to address changing market requirements with cutting-edge developments. One of these is a rappelling platform for helicopters, which can be positioned on or released at any offshore construction. Due to the existing stringent requirements, a special powder coating was developed, providing for long recoating periods. This drastically cuts the O&M costs.