Experts for fibre-composite technology

Fassmer has been a pioneer in the area of fibre-composite technology since 1958 and is one of Europe’s leading companies in the GRP sector today.

This consistent development of products and processes relies on an experienced construction and engineering team, state-of-the-art production facilities, and a positive, innovative environment, guaranteeing a high degree of efficiency and quality for our customers.

Superior material properties like high strength, stability, and corrosion resistance, combined with a favourable light weight, make fibre-reinforced composites ideal for innovative applications in a wide variety of industries – tailored individually to the customer’s specific requests.

Fassmer is specialised in the production of new elements, components and systems, as well as GRP repair and restoration. The latter service allows customers to reduce costs compared to a new purchase, while at the same time extending the working life of a component.