The lightweight sprinter

Fassmer’s FRIR 6.25 is a fast rescue boat with a rigid hull and a lightweight inflatable fender. The tube fender is completely mounted with Keder rails – without gluing – enabling a full tube replacement in only four hours. When docking alongside another vessel, e.g. for the transfer of people, the fender’s shock absorption properties are excellent. And, last but not least,
it offers spacious and comfortable seating possibilities when inflated.

  • Operate from naval vessels
  • Serve as lifeboats and for various other operations
  • GRP hull structure for heavy-endurance operations
  • Inboard diesel motor/waterjet propulsion ensures a speed of up to 34 knots
  • Fully IMO/SOLAS certified
  • Meet special Navy requirements, e.g. ability to withstand heavy impact while in service, etc.
  • Reduce downtimes to a minimum, easy to maintain