Higher speed, lower radar cross section, higher survivability: Fassmer Littoral Mission Vessels and Patrol Corvette allows you to deploy effective deterrence forces in cost effective fashion. These ships can be equipped with sophisticated combat systems and are built to last with Fassmer´s high quality equipment and standards. Our unique design approach allow for a modular increase of combat capability, in all warfare domains in a scalable platform. All our ships provide multisession spaces for present and future capabilities such a boats, ROVs, UAVs, UUVs, towed systems and other modular payload.


LMV 60

Length overall: 60.20 m
Beam overall: 10.00 m
Speed: 28-40+ kn
Displacement (abt.): 600 t

Product Datasheet (PDF)

LMV 75

Length overall: 75.80 m
Beam overall: 12.00 m
Speed: 26-32+ kn
Displacement (abt.): 1100 t

Product Datasheet (PDF)

PK 90

Length overall: 94.70 m
Beam overall: 14.50 m
Speed: 24-28+ kn
Displacement (abt.): 2200 t

Product Datasheet (PDF)