Fassmer Defence unfolds new designs at EURONAVAL 2018

Berne, November 2018 – Fassmer showcased during the 4-day Euronaval 2018 exhibition in Le-Bourget, Paris, its comprehensive defence portfolio.

Our team discussed with navies, partners and other defence and security stakeholders our advanced patrol vessel designs and navy specialized boats, as well customized deck equipment.

The highlight of Fassmer’s participation was the introduction of a series of evolved patrol vessels derived from our well proven successful designs ranging from 20 to 90m. There was great interest in the innovative 90m Flex Patrol Vessel, FPV90, a ship that can be deployed as a long range offshore patrol vessel, but also as a transport ship, floating hospital or as a tender vessel thanks to its capability to deploy modular payloads.  The FPV90 can execute several type of missions, either on its own or as part of a task force comprising several FPV90´s. Such force can be deployed in Peace Keeping, Disaster Relief or Amphibious operations. Thanks to its flexibility the FPV90 offers also many additional logistic and tactical advantages.