The Fassmer IceCube

Berne, 18 September 2020 – Fassmer brings first solution complying with chapter 8 of the IMO Polar Code to market. Together with cruise ship operator PONANT the company developed a swimming container that secures the survival in polar regions in an emergency – the Fassmer IceCube.

Chapter 8 of IMO Polar Code sets high standards regarding safe escape, evacuation and survival in polar environments. The Fassmer IceCube meets all Polar Code requirements comprehensively. The container holds the entire group survival equipment, as protective clothing, tents and food, for guests and crew as well as a reserve of 10 %. The IceCube may be tugged by the lifeboat but can also be pulled by person on land and therefore, contributes vitally to safety in polar regions.

Fassmer IceCube flyer