Fassmer’s OPY80 – turning military precision into a luxury commodity

The family-owned shipyard Fassmer and Beiderbeck Designs have teamed up to create a top-notch mega-yacht based on the successful design of an offshore patrol vessel.

The Fassmer OPV80 is a well proven 80m long military patrol vessel which was designed for multi-mission purpose with outstanding seakeeping capabilities. Since 2008 it has been successfully employed by the Chilean and Columbian Navy operating in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean under tropical and even arctic conditions.

Turning this state to the art hull design into a luxury yacht concept was a brainwave that not only side-stepped significant R&D costs, but also brought all the advantages of a military vessel to a high-end mega-yacht – seaworthiness, speed, reliability, strength, manoeuvrability, and safety. Combined with luxurious assets and furnishings, a sleek exterior, a helicopter hangar and refuelling facilities, as well as a large helipad that can be turned into an open party deck, the OPY80 is an authentic explorer vessel that offers every conceivable comfort at the same time.