44m Buoy Layer “Nordergründe”

This choice design concept combines a robust and low-draft displacement hull with excellent manoeuvrability, the capability to operate in the Wadden Sea, and very good nautical characteristics for the planned area of operation. Meeting the customer requirement of a minimum speed of 12 knots, a main engine with a power of 2 x 558kW was installed.

The “Nordergründe” does not only operate as a buoy layer but also supports the Havariekommando (German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies) in possible fire-fighting operations on ships in the Wadden Sea. For these missions, the vessel is equipped with a comprehensive range of special fire-fighting equipment which allows the crew to operate the vessel even in dangerous surroundings (e.g exhaust gas, fumes).

In addition to a gas protection device and a gas leak detector, the “Nordergründe” possesses an external fire-extinguishing system. This system comprises two fire monitors, one of which is mounted on an extendable 10m hydraulic mast. Both monitors can be used for water and foam extinguishing operations. In order to assure the safety of the crew, the entire vessel can be sprayed with a modern water-sprinkling system.

Technical Data (PDF)