75m Survey-, Wrecksearch- and Research Vessel (ATAIR)

"Atair" is the world's first governmental research vessel powered by a liquid-natural-gas (LNG) fuelled propulsion plat with extremely low air-polluting emissions.  

The new "Atair", which replaces a 33-year-old predecessor, is scheduled to enter service in 2020 and will be compliant with all latest environmental regulations, including Germany´s “Blauer Engel” environmental certification. Atair will carry out survey and wreck search on the North and Baltic Seas and will also be deployed for marine environmental monitoring and technical testing of navigation and radar equipment. She is fitted for these tasks  with state of the art scientific equipment and laboratories as well as supporting ship sensors and processing systems. Fassmer has designed ATAIR to meet the highest quality and performance standards, remarkably a very low underwater radiated noise signature meeting the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas ((ICES) recommendations and DNVGL Silent Class notation thanks to a combination of its advanced hullform and extremely silent electric propulsion system and optimized 7-blade propeller.