Accommodation ladders, boarding systems and platforms

Composite-Gangway-System – the modular solution

Safe passage from a ship to its berth and back is a great challenge. Accommodation ladders must serve a high functional purpose and possess both a skid-proof surface and very good stability. Fassmer boarding systems are constantly refined according to the passenger-ship market’s requirements, and benefit from the advantages of GRP as a construction material. The Fassmer fibre-composite gangway is realisable for projects up to 20 metres and boasts the following optimised characteristics: The construction is non-corrosive and saltwater-proof, has a variable surface with a guaranteed slip prevention rating (R9-R13) and low weight (30 percent less compared to an aluminium construction); it is simple to handle and easy to transport. Fassmer gangways can be used as bridges over mooring areas and as pontoons. Their bolted modular system means that the crew can easily carry out repairs themselves; welding is not necessary.

Composite Loading Platform

Fassmer’s fibre-composite loading platform makes an ideal and lightweight interface for a ship’s ingoing and outgoing goods. Easily installed with twistlocks, it enables single-hand operation thanks to its support system. This way, all necessary items such as baggage or spares can easily be transported from the pier on board and back.

Compared to an equivalent steel construction, the fibre-­composite version weighs around 70 percent less (example: 1.5 x 1.5m weighs 700kg instead of 2,050kg) and can be installed anywhere, even on the open deck or in a side door. Resistant to corrosion and saltwater, the loading platform has a variable surface with a guaranteed slip prevention rating (R9-R13) – just like the fibre-composite gangway system – and is available with further material options. Its bolted modular system allows for easy, direct and on-site repair without welding.