Repair and restoration

In comparison to purchasing a new component, up to 50 percent of the costs can be saved by restoring an old one.

Fassmer’s experience with special sandblasting techniques for wind turbine components provides them with crucial know-how for the comprehensive and fast treatment of used fibre-composite components in the leisure industry. Old top coatings are gently removed in Fassmer’s own sandblasting plants, and any damages recognised and repaired.

Heavily used fairground rides or large water slides in aqua parks are either dismantled and transported to Fassmer’s workshops, or professionally repaired directly on site, in order to be ready for safe use again quickly.

Frequently, individual components for existing fairground rides are reproduced, if the original moulds are no longer available. The component is built from scratch from the master mould. In Fassmer’s workshops, parts can be varnished, airbrushed or labelled individually. If desired, Fassmer also guides customers through technical safety inspections.