Mobile home and caravan industry

Nowadays, almost the complete outer shell of mobile homes is made of synthetic materials.

These materials are so flexible that engineers and designers have almost unlimited possibilities of optimising the exterior, interior, functionality, and weight of these vehicles.

Fassmer produces and delivers GRP components such as roofs, vehicle floors, cargo compartments, hoods, walls, covers, B-pillars, front fairings, overhead bays, and other moulded GRP parts for mobile homes and caravans. From the raw GRP component and the polished gel coat to the finished varnished GRP component: At Fassmer, everything is delivered from a single source – plus all further equipment and finishing processes (e.g. lamp installation, wiring, installation of floor elements and covering, Big Heads, inlays, any kind of foliation and labelling).

Fassmer offers small-scale or large-scale production – small series will usually be produced using hand lay-up, medium series by vacuum infusion, and large series using RTM (resin transfer moulding) or wet pressing / wet press moulding – either using its own or the customer’s racks as transport protection.