Wet Press Moulding

Wet pressing is conducted on a highly automated level and is only suited for mass production, due to the related high investment costs.

This process also offers a wide range of possibilities concerning sizes and used materials.

Wet pressing utilises two-part moulds. These are opened and closed by means of a press system. To begin with, the inside of the mould is covered with dry semi-finished fibre products. Then the liquid resin is injected into the mould, either centrally or following a specific pattern. When the press closes the mould, the resin is distributed in the cavity and the fibres are coated. The component cures in the mould, often supported by tempered tools.

Fassmer has two presses: one 400t and one 630t Dieffenbacher press, the latter with clamping process of 5 x 2.5m.